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Office2SharePoint - working with SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams the easy way.

Bringing Microsoft Teams, SharePoint & OneDrive into Outlook and Office making your daily work easier.

Office2SharePoint comes in three editions.

  • Office2SharePoint for Outlook
  • Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams
  • Office2SharePoint for Office for Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Get inspired with a series of short videos about Office2SharePoint


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The current applies to Office2SharePoint for Outlook

Break down barriers in communication between team members by making documents and e-mail attachments accessible to all in SharePoint, OneDrive & Microsoft Teams. 

Connecting Outlook, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams for increased productivity
If you are looking for a way to save, find and organize emails and documents in SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, directly from Outlook, you might want to check out Office2SharePoint. This app is designed to make your daily work easier by bringing Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive into Outlook and Office.

In short;

  • Easily saving into SharePoint, OneDrive & Microsoft Teams
  • Save the entire e-mail or just files from the e-mail
  • Save the e-mail as a PDF
  • Merge into an existing PDF file
  • Rename the file or e-mail before you save it
  • Quick save into a predefined library
  • Save a mail thread
  • Save files from an email thread
  • Save multiple emails
  • Save the mail and attachments separately into the same library
  • Get a file from Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, attached it to the mail, send the mail and save the mail to SharePoint. All this is just one simple action.
  • Use Office2SharePoint from a shared mailbox 

And so much MORE! 

Learn much more about Office2SharePoint. We prepared a YouTube playlist with video guides showing you how to deploy and use Office2SharePoint.

We want to make it easy for you to Try and Decide. When you deploy Office2SharePoint you automatically activate a 30 days free trial of the full version of Office2SharePoint. 

Purchase a subscription
You can only purchase a subscription for Office2SharePoint from

  • Your Microsoft Partner
  • iGlobe
  • From Microsoft Store 

Should you have any question regarding signing up for a subscription feel free to contact us by sending an email to iGlobe sales or visit Office2SharePoint Web site 

Notice, the subscription allows you to use both Office2SharePoint for Office and Office2SharePoint for Outlook and Office2SharePoint for Microsoft Teams. 

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We can also offer you a demo or assist you in the implementation. As it is a simple product, we believe it will not take more than just 30 min. Book us now

Office2SharePoint - Microsoft 365 App Certified - Microsoft 365 App Security and Compliance

Microsoft 365 App Certification offers assurance and confidence to enterprise organizations that data and privacy are adequately secured and protected when your Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams integration, or Graph API app is introduced to the Microsoft 365 platform. Certification confirms that an app solution is compatible with Microsoft technologies, compliant with cloud app security best practices, and supported by Microsoft, a trusted partner. App certification is achieved through the acceptance and approval of comprehensive documentation centering the app's security and compliance protocols, procedures, processes and a PEN test. Applications that pass validation will be designated Microsoft 365 App Certified.

For security reasons Office2SharePoint is using the highly recommended authentication model from Microsoft - Azure AD SSO. We recommended using latest version of Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. We do not offer support for IE11 or Windows WebView1. 

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