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Online collaborative whiteboard platform

**Miro — the visual workspace for innovation.**

Miro's visual workspace enables distributed teams to come together to synthesize information, develop strategy, design products and services, and manage processes all throughout the innovation lifecycle. Together, Miro and Microsoft offer a comprehensive collaboration solution for teams seeking productivity, innovation and enterprise-grade security.

**Discover Miro integrations for Microsoft Teams:**

* Engage your team with Miro for Microsoft Teams meetings

* Pin Miro boards to Microsoft Teams calendar events and team spaces

* Track Miro activity and get notifications in Microsoft Teams

**Miro for Microsoft Teams Meetings:**

Leverage Miro in Microsoft Teams meetings and enable your team to create, ideate, and plan together, with interactive facilitation tools, such as brainstorming templates, timer, voting and more. Open your existing Miro boards or save your work for async collaboration.

**Miro for Microsoft Teams Calendar:**

Pin a Miro board into any Microsoft Teams calendar event to share permissions and access with your team and enable async collaboration before and after the meeting.

**Miro embed into Microsoft Teams Tabs:**

Embed any Miro board as a new tab in Microsoft Teams so you and your collaborators make updates, add comments, and work together async.

**Miro notifications in Microsoft Teams:**

Get real-time Miro notifications in Microsoft Teams so you can stay informed on feedback, reviews, and other important activities. Track them in the Miro chat feed and in the Microsoft Teams mobile app.


Miro for Microsoft Teams is available on all Miro plans. You need an active Miro account in order to use the app. Your admin may need to enable the Miro app for your Microsoft Teams account. There may be advanced Miro features that are only available in paid plans. For more information, visit [](

**Get Help**

* Contact [Miro Support](

* Explore [Miro Help Center](

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