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See What Matters - Spectacles finds and displays your document's defined terms, so you don't have to

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Read contract provisions with precision, speed and ease.

Do you spend hours reading contract provisions only to find yourself lost in a web of interconnected definitions? Do you have to pause your reading to search for the meaning behind defined terms? Should you have to memorize a list of defined terms in order to read a contract provision for meaning?

Accurate, clear, interactive and simple. Spectacles patent-pending technology displays all terms defined in a legal document in an interactive side-panel so you can see what matters while you read. No flipping pages, no multiple document windows, no searching for definitions. Spectacles brings the definition to you. Just highlight the word and click, Spectacles will handle the rest.

Features and Benefits

- Identifies US-English style defined terms whether in-text or in an index

- Provides an interactive list of defined terms for one-click access to underlying definitions

- Supports highlight and search functionality in-text

Supported Editions

- Spectacles is compatible with Microsoft Word 2016 or later versions.

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