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Bring all your work under one roof and enhance your team's productivity with the Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a online project management software that lets you create and manage your projects effectively. Plan your projects, assign work, manage resources and collaborate better with your team, it is a cloud-based project management platform built for dynamic teams By integrating Zoho Projects with Outlook, you can access your tasks and issues right from your email and ensure that no project detail gets missed.

This integration includes a dedicated sidebar that seamlessly integrates with your inbox, making it easy to access and interact with your tasks and issues in Zoho Projects.


Create new tasks and issues: Convert email content into actionable tasks and create new issues directly from Outlook.

Email association: Associate your emails with specific tasks and issues, ensuring that all relevant communication is tied to the corresponding project elements.

View task and issue details: Access essential task and issue information within Outlook, including status, due dates, and priorities.

Email identification: Quickly identify emails that are linked to tasks and issues from your inbox. This provides context and streamlines your workflow.

Update task and bug fields: Make updates to task and bug fields, including comments, directly from Outlook.

Multiple portals: Associate multiple portals within a single mailbox for flexibility when managing various projects.


Efficient task and issue creation: Seamlessly convert emails into Zoho Projects tasks and issues. This makes it easy to transition from reported problems or requests to actionable tasks.

Enhanced collaboration: Link emails to tasks and issues. This provides context and traceability for the progress of various work items.

Improved productivity: Access issue details within Outlook, eliminating the need to switch tabs.

Standardized process: Standardize the process of creating tasks and issues within emails, ensuring that all information is captured and reducing the risk of oversights.

By streamlining communication and reducing the chance of information getting lost in emails, this integration can lead to cost savings through improved overall work efficiency.


Zoho Projects has 3 pricing editions, from $0 to $9. A free trial of Zoho Projects is also available.

Free - $0/3 users/2 projects

Premium - $4.00/user /month billed annually

Enterprise - $9.00/user /month billed annually

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