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Sync real-time data from Xero, Zoho Books, Sage, and QuickBooks to your cloud accounting system.

Accounting.BI is a powerful data management and visualisation tool that connects your Xero, Zoho Books, Sage & QuickBooks accounting system with PowerBi and Excel. By using the application, you can build powerful reports that sync in real-time to your accounting system as well as many other data sources.

Some of the AccountingBI dedicated excel functionalities include:

Multiple Entity Reporting & Consolidation: if your organisation has multiple Xero accounts – for its various locations, subsidiaries, and profit centres, Accounting.Bi will allow you to perform real-time consolidated reports across multiple Xero organisations.

Real-time sync: Accounting.BI gives you access to live accounting data from Xero – helping you use real-time data in Excel.

Pre-built Excel management accounting templates: to save you many hours of creating, Accounting.Bi offers you pre-built Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Bank covenants, and Non-Profit & Charity SORP templates that you can use.

Online and desktop Excel connector: You can use the Accounting.Bi Excel add-in in Excel Online and the web browser versions.

Excel flexibility: Accounting.Bi allows you to use excel formulas and macros to perform calculations on your data, so you are not restricted by our own report builder tools. Easy and fast integration: easily connect your Xero organisation with Accounting.Bi with just one click!





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