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Multi KPI

Microsoft Corporation

4.1 (15)

A powerful Multi KPI visualization, of a key KPI along with multiple sparklines of supporting data

The Multi KPI custom visual is for presenting a key performance indicator (KPI) along with a variety of supporting information, including:

  • Title, Subtitle
  • Sparklines
  • Current date and KPI status (value, date, variance)

Some of the key features include:

  • KPI trend over time: hover-over the main chart to see a KPI for each date.
  • Rich Formatting Options: set alternate titles, and tooltips, font sizes, colors, background colors.
  • Numerous Chart Features: multi KPI support number types, precision, Y-axis tick marks, and hover-over tooltips.
  • Sparkline Interpolation: Interpolate sparkline values to get rid of noisy points.
  • Auto-Scaling: design a larger tile in your report with rich details. After pinning it to a Power BI Dashboard, you may resize it to smaller versions of the tile without losing essential details.

Download the sample Power BI Desktop file here: https://visuals.azureedge.net/app-store/MultiKpi.multiKpiEA8DA325489E436991F0E411F2D85FF3.

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