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Multiple Axes Chart - XViz

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4.7 (3)

Display up to 5 separate axis values each with their own series type spanning column, line, spline

Five separate axis values can be applied each with their own series types spanning column, column stacked, line, spline, area, area stacked and area spline.

Additional configuration options include conditional formatting for each axis, error bars, horizontal and vertical bands, and horizontal reference lines to round out this visualization’s formatting capabilities.


  • Ability to select multiple Y axes
  • Choice of several series types
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting Legend
  • Lasso & Reverse Lasso Selection
  • Show additional series in Tooltip
  • Plot Lines, Bands, Standard Deviations & more
  • Customize # of data series displayed
  • Series Pattern and colors


When you deal with data of different granularities, e.g. Revenue (in millions), Average Price (say, approx. $1000) and Profit Margin (in %),

it’s not possible to fit them in one or even two axes. Cases such as these call for a Multiple Axis Chart.

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