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SwifDoo PDF enables you to create, convert, merge, compress, and sign PDF documents

Powerful Features to Speed Up Your Efficiency

SwifDoo PDF’s intuitive design and useful editing tools are the solution to your time and work problems. It simplifies the process of making changes to PDF documents, and helps convert PDFs into commonly-used Microsoft Office formats.

Lightweight in System Resources, Powerful in Practice

Compared with other PDF software, SwifDoo PDF only takes up 10 MB disk space, which enjoys a faster download speed.

Open a PDF Document in a Flash

Opening PDF files with SwifDoo PDF is quick as a flash. By incorporating a Microsoft-like interface, SwifDoo PDF wants you to feel at ease when processing PDF document. Hence, you are free of troubles caused by PDF-related tasks.

Safeguard Sensitive and Confidential Information

Guarantee your PDF security with two-level password protection, differentiated permissions, and legally binding electronic signature. No more worries about information and data leak.