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Create professional grid layouts in Adobe InDesign – the smart and easy way

With Grid Calculator PE you will experience what it is like to never struggle with your Adobe InDesign layouts ever again. We developed this plug-in together with some of the best designers in the world, one of them being Erik Spiekermann. Not only does our plug-in create your desired layouts in lightning speed it also sets up your layers, paragraph styles and more.

Whether you want to create layouts that are based on the document grid or custom values for your margins our plug-in will help you achieve that. The layouts that will be created with our plug-in are mathematically and typographically accurate and based on years of research. Grid Calculator PE suits all InDesign users. The InDesign files that are created by the plug-in does not require the plug-in in order to open the files.


• Baseline grid; it will recalculate your desired value into a value that will fit in your document. It can also use the exact value that you enter by offsetting.

• Body copy; your body copy will automatically snap to the baseline grid and if changes are made it will automatically update.

• Image-lines; align your images with your body copy based on the x- or H-height or even a custom value, which simply means that your layouts will look a lot better and there is no need to place manual guides on your document which is a hassle especially if changes are made to the body copy.

• Columns and rows; you can either set your margins and see what combinations are possible within the type area or you use another method that will allow you to define the document grid width and height (leading) and also enter the desired number of columns where the margins will adapt. Basically you are first setting the columns and rows and whatever space is left over will become the margins, this is great when you already know the desired number of columns and rows that you want to achieve. Columns and rows can also be totally customised without using the document grid.

• Indents, Extends and Tabs; based on font size or document grid width. If you change your font or document grid width, these settings will update.

• Highly customisable document grid for ultimate precision; if you are looking to adjust the even smallest details that can be done with our plug-in.

• Presets; save and re-use layouts based on clients. If you work with different clients you can filter your layouts based on clients. No need to make copies of InDesign documents and delete the content.

Compatibility and Licensing
Software available for Adobe InDesign, Windows and Mac. Same license can be used on 2 computers across both platforms and be transferred if needed.

If you would like to try our software for free, we offer a 30-day trial at no cost which can be downloaded from: