Artificial intelligent Clinical Evaluation (AiCE)

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Artificial intelligent Clinical Evaluation (AiCE)

What is AiCE and its purpose?


The AiCE is an AI assistive tool that shall be used for the literature search and appraisal process.


The manual literature search and appraisal process is time-consuming and has opportunities for errors.


AiCE can save 30% of the time, without any compromise on the accuracy of the review process with quality.


The intent of the AiCE tool is to simplify the literature search and appraisal process with AI Assist

AiCE Capabilities:

Search Protocol:

Capable of handling data from PubMed and Google Scholar

Search protocol can be created within AiCE

Search can be customized for the subject device, state-of-the-art, and competitor device.

Multiple projects can be created and managed at different access levels.


Screening can be performed at two levels, abstract and full-text.

Tool is capable of supporting researchers with relevancy prediction scoring.

Tool can highlight all key attributes for screening, such as device name, procedure, patient details, study type etc.


AiCE can auto-populate pre-fixed essential attributes for appraisal activity.

Capable of DAPR and TOFCS grading

Side by side view is available to check attributes and articles at a time.

Quality and Monitoring

The manager will have real-time monitoring access for all the projects.

At each stage of screening, articles can be reassigned and reviewed by QA.

AiCE makes allocation and execution easier.

AiCE offers 3 Levels of Access Roles:


Able to plan, assign and track the articles across access levels.

Create Projects

Create Users

Monitors progress


Receives allocation from the manager.

Access abstract and full text

Able to screen, appraise and process the assigned articles.

Quality Analyst

Receives allocation from the manager.

Able to perform quality checks of screening and appraisal activities.