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Leading SaaS in the e-mobility revolution with charging infrastructure for any location.

Our solutions is able to be a leading SaaS in the e-mobility revolution with charging infrastructure for any location combined with connected services.

Main advantages include:

• Modular and redundant construction to ensure continuous operation

• Industry-grade components to ensure long lifetime and robust operation

• Future-proof, easily upgradable technology

• Remote maintenance and support for an effective, timely response to any irregularity

• Supports the open communication protocol OCPP 1.6

• User centered design validated by user tests

• Remote charger's power management

OC2P Ability Connected Services offer four key advantages:

• Flexibility: connect to any charging network, back office, payment platform or energy management solution

• Upgradability: benefit from the latest industry standards

• High availability of the service: based on Microsoft Azure’s robust platform

• Cost efficiency: avoid development and maintenance costs of proprietary software solutions.

Our solution offering is based on a 24/7/365 monitored platform, which ensures the highest availability.

A network operator can select from a modular offering supporting a smooth and seamless integration to back office processes via APIs, and giving access to value adding Web tools for configuration, advanced monitoring and notification.

Why customers use OC2P

- Quick Installation

- Long software lifecycle

- Simplified supply chain and integration

- Saving operation costs

- A secure system

- Easy to use and customizable

Operator's Benefits

- Due to our software combined with the best standards, we are able to save up to 30% or more of working time.

- Our solutions works with the state of the art in terms of technologies

System Integrator's Benefits

- Due to ready build up solutions it can save development costs and time.

- Quick and easy integration into existing infrastructure based on different kind of communication channels and protocols with ours APIs