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Making Project and Work Management Simple

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration platform. It is the Hub for communication and team work in many organizations. OnePlan provides a powerful project and work management solution in Teams to visibility into all work across the organization. We provide the power to make Project and Work Management simple.

All Your Work in OnePlan

This solution supports multiple work management approaches all within the same environment. You can schedule projects in a traditional approach with tasks or following an agile approach with backlogs and sprints. Resources can status all their work items in a single location while management analyzes and prioritizes the portfolio.

View and Manage a Portfolio of Projects and Work

Create views that organize your work into a configurable hierarchy. Score and rank projects using your scoring metrics. Filter, group and sort plans based on a wide range of custom fields.

Schedule your Project and Work

OnePlan seamlessly integrates with Project and Project for the web. Your team can use their tool of choice and the project is included in the portfolio. Assigned tasks can also be updated in Teams.

View Resource Usage

OnePlan includes views to see resource usage by day for each task in the schedule. Quickly identify bottlenecks and conflicts while planning your tasks and assignments.

Plan Work Using Sprints

OnePlan supports full Sprint planning. Define the number of sprint, duration and other criteria and drag and drop backlog items into the respective sprints. Clicking on a specific sprint will filter the backlog to only show the items assigned to that Sprint.

Visualize Work Using a Kanban Board

Visualize the work using configurable Kanban boards. Drag cards between the different columns as you plan work, status tasks or assign work to teams.

Manage All Your Work Assigned to You in OnePlan

Assign work and get updates from your team across tasks, backlog, issues, changes. Resources have a single view of all their assignments.

Gain Insights Through Reporting and BI

Provide unprecedented visibility with rich business insights.  Make informed, data-driven decisions with role or team-based reporting across the portfolio.