Office supercharged: produce high-quality reports and presentations faster

UpSlide is an add-in that customizes and enhances Microsoft Office for professionals who spend their day working in Excel, PowerPoint and Word. It’s used by teams at financial and professional services firms like KPMG, Deloitte, and Citi to produce high-quality reports and presentations faster. With UpSlide teams:
  • Boost productivity by automating low-value tasks
  • Ensure quality and consistency by applying brand styles
  • Access up-to-date templates and assets directly from Office

Key features

Excel-PowerPoint Link: robust and flexible

The Excel-PowerPoint link allows you to export Excel tables or charts in a single click. Your source data changes? A mouse click is all it takes to update the linked Excel parts of your PowerPoint presentation. Thanks to this feature, users save up to 12h/month!

Library: access all your up-to-date content directly from Office

The shared library gives you access to your branded and up-to-date corporate slides, logos, resumes, tables and graphs directly from PowerPoint, Excel or Word. Looking for a corporate slide to build your pitch? A keyword is enough to find it, and you don’t even have to leave Office!

Slide Check: ensure documents are aesthetically perfect

The Slide Check reviews your document to make sure the slides are up-to-date and the layout is flawless. Need a last review before sending your presentation? Ensure compliance of your content and correct typos just by clicking on the Slide Check button.