AlfaPeople Employee Self Service Mobile App

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Dynamics 365 Human Resource Employee Self Service Mobile App

AlfaPeople brings you state-of-the-art Dynamics 365 functionality. From HR to payroll, managing the life cycle of employees in your companies can be demanding. Human Capital Management solution, designed to increase productivity, reduce administrative workload and improve accuracy and stay comply to industry regulations whilst accurately reporting live data.

Deliver the benefits:

Automatic changes to payroll information such as extracting data

Deployment of resources more effectively and improvements in the recruitment of internal candidates with an integrated view of employee data

Flexible budgeting and reporting hosted securely in the cloud

Accessible information any time and any place helping maintain accuracy of data

Increased employee satisfaction and productivity, with routine questions answered quickly

Ability to easily manage the entire hiring process

Your employees can easily login to their accounts and request all kinds of vacations and leaves using Dynamics 365 Alfa ESS user-friendly interface without the need for any paperwork. Managers can easily view time off requests and take action accordingly.

Alfa ESS Mobile App on both Apple App Store or Google Play Store offers an Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution giving your entire workforce immediate access to HR-related tasks and information that your employees need for accurate and efficient operations. Through Alfa ESS mobile application, your employees and managers can now perform multiple actions and submit requests on-the-go. 

Manage All HR and Employee Self services

Employee Leave request
Employee letter, Request
Payslip on Mobile
Requests on Mobile
Loan Request and Management
Dependent management
Insurance and ID Management and much more
We are Continuously Adding new features to make the customer to be up-to-date with market trend

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