EJADA LOS (Loan Origination System)

seuraavan mukaan: Ejada Systems

Loan Origination System built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365

A simplistic but yet a powerful efficient Shariah Compliant solution, having MS Dynamics as the Loan Origination System to manage the credit/ loan application creation as well as approvals and deviations. Also calculating the eligible amount through integration with the decision engine and external systems like SIMAH. And finally, creating the loan in Loan Management system via integration once the application is approved.

The system covers the loan origination for the below products:

    • Personal Finance (Murabha, Share finance and Tawaruq (the customer gets the commodity itself))
    • Housing Finance (Mortgage): Includes the integration with REDF (Real Estate Development Fund)
    • Auto Lease (Car Financing)
    • Credit Cards

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