Imperium CPQ for Dynamics Sales

seuraavan mukaan: IMPERIUM DYNAMICS LLC

Configure, Price and Quote solution integrated with Dynamics Sales

Imperium CPQ for Dynamics Sales is a powerful quote management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. It encompasses all the necessary functionalities for easy product configuration, swift quoting and efficient order creation, everything needed for seamless business execution. The model-driven app and intuitive customer-facing portal empowers businesses to create a comprehensive product catalog effortlessly while customers can conveniently request quotes at competitive prices. Imperium Sales CPQ leverages the existing Dynamics Sales licenses, making it a cost-effective solution for business needs.

1. Enhanced Transparency - Real-time visibility, enhanced collaboration and optimized sales
2. Reduced Errors and Discrepancy - Automated price calculations reduce errors and enhance business credibility.
3. Upselling and co-selling - Empowers upselling and co-selling through personalized recommendations, increasing average order value and revenue.
4. Elevated Customer Experience - Give customers a personalized buying experience for elevated customer satisfaction

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