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Supersearch is an advanced tool to search and build complex queries in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Would you like to create customer segments but Advanced Find tool does not meet your needs? Or would you like to simply know how many customers you have in your environment but Dynamics reports only "5000+" as the total count?

Advanced Find tool does not have the "NOT IN" operator and therefore it's not possible to search for any set of records and remove another set from the results. The power in Supersearch are the built in set operations: Union, Intersect and Difference. Set operations can be combined between Advanced Find views, marketing lists or system and custom entities.

Supersearch solves common problems that marketers and advanced users are facing daily. Searches can be processed in several phases and intermediate results are shown between phases.

Any type of information with any criteria and relationship can be searched with Supersearch.

Supersearch is very easy to use, the app have been built with user experience in mind.

Features and benefits

  • Build a segment - Combine any number of Advanced Find views and create segmentation by using an easy drag-and-drop user interface. Supersearch can also show intermediate results for query steps that have been combined with Union, Intersect or Difference group operators. A must feature for anyone building queries!
  • Use "NOT IN" operator - Build "Not In" queries for any entity with any condition. For example, start by searching contacts with some criteria and as the last step remove contacts from results with any other criteria. Very fast, time-consuming and easy. This will save you a lot of time!
  • Show entity total record count - The maximum record count in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps is limited to "5000+". Supersearch does not have any hardcoded limits, instead it will show the exact total record count for any entity in seconds. Now, you finally know the exact number of customers in your environment!
  • Search in any hierarchy - Supersearch can show any N:1 and N:N hierarchies as a list view. A marketer can pick an item from a multilevel hierarchy and run searches, for example, by using an organization or a classification hierarchy. In the past, it were really laborious to build this kind of searches.
  • Export results - Export results to Excel or save results to a new or existing marketing list. Same marketing list can be used as the base for new Supersearch queries.

Latest Update

  • Added refresh button to My Views, System Views, Marketing Lists and Hierarchy List.
  • Open search result record in new window by double clicking a grid row.
  • It's now possible to use multiple field names and custom strings in a Hierarchy List.
  • Use set operations with N:1 and native or manual N:N relationships.
  • Default selected result view changed from none to Virtual view.

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