CRM for Aged Care- Home and Residential

seuraavan mukaan: Mayasoft Pty Ltd

An end-to-end cloud solution to manage home & residential customers of aged care service providers

MACS (Mayasoft Aged Care Solution) offers an integrated platform for residential and home care management. For residential care, it streamlines enquiry handling, assessment, admissions, and room allocations, aiming to improve occupancy rates and efficiency. It simplifies client transitions with structured onboarding protocols, including site tours facilitated through an organised notification system.

In home care, MACS ensures seamless enquiries through PRODA API integration or manual entry, tailoring responses to diverse care package questions. It facilitates risk assessments and incident management in compliance with industry standards. The system enhances customer satisfaction with automated case creation and responsive workflow systems and manages risks using tools aligned with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission protocols.

Through automated budgeting, it maintains financial oversight, calculating budgets based on the client’s circumstances and tracking expenses. It aids transparent financial management for service providers, ensuring client care funding is optimised and transparent.

Further, MACS's rostering module improves the scheduling of staff, matching client needs with qualified professionals, while an events module allows for meticulous management of client activities.

Combining these features, MACS augments aged care delivery with an emphasis on both operational efficiency and quality of client care, fostering a reliable and client-focused approach to aged care management.

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