Salesforce Wave Connector for Excel

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The Wave Connector makes it easy to create Salesforce Analytics Cloud datasets from Excel data.

The Wave Connector gives you an easy way to get started with the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. With the Connector, you can easily create datasets from Excel data. Log in to your Salesforce account right from the Connector, select data from an Excel worksheet, and click Submit. The Connector starts a system job that creates a new dataset in the Analytics Cloud. You don’t have to do any complex data mapping or schema creation – the Connector does the work for you.

If you use Excel to track key business information—about sales leads, customers, partners, and employees—the Connector is a great way to put that data to work in the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. With the Wave Connector and the Analytics Cloud, you can do more on your own and have fun while you’re at it:

- Get actionable insights using your data -- fast

- Understand and act from anywhere, on the desktop or a mobile device

- Explore any data from any source

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is not supported by the Salesforce Wave Connector for Excel.

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