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Search and insert your research into Word while automagically managing your citations/bibliography

Scrible Writer is the powerful writing companion to Scrible, the modern research platform for school and work. Scrible Writer requires and works with your Scrible account. Sign up for a free Scrible account at

Scrible Writer lets you search the full text of the research you’ve annotated and saved to your Scrible Library directly from within Word. View the highlighted passages that match your keyword searches in search results that appear right alongside your document in a Sidebar.

Click on the passages to insert them as quotes in the document and their corresponding inline citations are automagically inserted as well. The citations are also as added to your Bibliography.

In a separate tab, see which curated sources in your Scrible Library match your keyword searches and click on them to add them as general references to your Bibliography.

Your Bibliography is automagically maintained and inserted at the end of your document so you can spend less time on tedious manual formatting and more time crafting your brilliant paper!

Scrible Writer allows students and educators to cite Websites for free in the MLA citation style with a free Scrible Edu account. Upgrade your Scrible account to Edu Pro for 9000+ citation styles, 10 additional source types, additional libraries, outline editor and much more - see for details.

Please send us questions or feedback at or

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