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Coupa Add-in for MS Word facilitates streamlined collaboration & negotiations on legal documents.

Coupa Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) allows organisations to streamline contracting for increased value & decreased risk.

Collaboration and negotiation on contracts typically happen on MS Word documents owing to its’ powerful editing capabilities. The Coupa add-in ensures that all such changes are incorporated back into the contract after a negotiation so that updated values can be used to trigger approval workflows, create amendments, and ensure accurate search/reporting. This is available for all Coupa CLM customers using Microsoft 365.

The add-in also provides users with access to the Clause Library set up in Coupa CLM for viewing and use during negotiations. It also negotiators to use the pre-approved clause content and also view/use alternate clauses based on fallback positions defined.

Do we do more?

Coupa’s Business Spend Management (BSM) platform provides powerful capabilities for everyone in your company, power users, and your suppliers to conduct all of their business spend activities in one place.

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