GIEOM Validator

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GIEOM validator is a plug & play Video KYC Solution fully aligned with RBI's V-CIP regulation

  • GIEOM Digital Validator is Co-developed with Axis Bank
  • Winner of India’s most prestigious software product innovation award NASSCOM League of 10.
  • Winner of ICC Financial Innovation in Practice 2019 

  • The application allows Geotagging, date and time stamp during the liveliness check to ensure that customer is physically present in India.

  • Facial Matching on ID proof with face in video

  • Using computer vision, the details on PAN are extracted, verified with Government database and auto filled in the relevant fields

  • Built in video call facility

  • End to end encryption for storage of video recordings

  • Provision to schedule video call for a later time. In such cases we carry out facial match between liveliness check picture that was face matched with ID proof and video feed

  • Ideal for corporate customer onboarding as well wherein we provide API interface to build a unique 360-degree view of a corporate client.

  • No code and API first design ensure ease of implementation and hassle free maintenance in the long run

  • Form builder to convert the paper applications forms to digital forms.

  • Voice to Text converter - When bank representative asks randomized questions and capture results, the machine auto converts voice to text. AI is used to compare machine answers with human typed answers and in case of major deviations such cases are sent for audit.

Benefits -

·       identify and verify all types of KYC documents like PAN, Passport, Aadhaar, Driver’s License etc.

·       More than 90% accuracy in Facial match and data extraction from KYC documents

·       Highly scalable enterprise application that can process thousands of documents per hour

·       Standard REST APIs to interface with external systems

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