PostgreSQL Hosting: Fully Managed DBaaS on Azure

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Postgres hosting and management with high availability, dedicated servers, and slow query analysis.

Fully Managed PostgreSQL Hosting

Optimize your PostgreSQL hosting on Azure cloud with fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). Easily deploy, monitor, provision, and scale your PostgreSQL deployments with one all-inclusive and easy-to-use management console. Automate your time-consuming PostgreSQL database operations so you can get back to what matters most, building your applications.

Get started with the most powerful PostgreSQL on Azure platform, and access the best monitoring and management tools to improve the performance of your deployments. Our PostgreSQL experts are here to help you all the way, including:

  • Migrating Clusters
  • Customizing Deployments
  • Optimizing Security
  • Troubleshooting Issues

PostgreSQL Hosting Features

See why developers and DBA’s love hosting PostgreSQL on Azure with ScaleGrid:
  • Multi-Cloud Support
  • Slow Query Analysis
  • Superuser Database Access
  • SSH Root Access
  • No Vendor Lock-In
  • Extension Support
  • Use Any Instance Type
  • Azure VNET Support
  • High Performance Disks
  • Disk Encryption & Backup
  • High Availability
  • Monitoring Console
  • No Downtime Dynamic Scaling
  • Custom Alerts
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous Replication
  • Customize RAM, Disk & Instance Type

PostgreSQL Maintenance Included

ScaleGrid is one of the only “fully managed” PostgreSQL hosting platforms, so we go beyond just providing you the tools to manage and monitor your deployments, we automate your maintenance operations too:
  • Log Rotations
  • OS Patching
  • PostgreSQL Upgrades

PostgreSQL DBaaS on Azure Pricing

Our PostgreSQL Dedicated Clusters plan is designed to be flexible, affordable, and customizable to work with businesses of all sizes. Starting at only $20/month, we give you the option to scale your deployments to any capacity, and run your PostgreSQL cluster on Azure High Performance instances with high powered CPU and disks. PostgreSQL on Azure plans include:
  • All-Inclusive Pricing
  • Free Data Transfers
  • Free Backups
  • Free 24/7 Support

16 Available Azure Regions for PostgreSQL

  • West US
  • West US2
  • Central US
  • East US
  • East US2
  • North Central US
  • South Central US
  • West Central US
  • North Europe
  • West Europe
  • South UK
  • West UK
  • East Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Australia East
  • Australia South East

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