Prodware International Finance Pack accelerator

par Prodware Group

Improve how your business deals with international finance structures

International Finance Pack accelerator

More supply chains are becoming global, so dealing with international vendors and customers in an effective way, without impacting internal productivity and your external relationships is key.

We have put together a pack of integrated accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management to help you unify and automate your financial processes within your international supply chain.

The International Finance Pack contains:

  • Automatic Ledger.  In some circumstances a set of transactions needs to be added as they are missing in the standard transaction. The accelerator generates new transactions based on the originals being posted.  Meets French & Swiss legal requirements to post two sets of transactions during WIP posting: one standard set for Balance sheet accounts and one set for P&L accounts.
  • Auto Settlement. This accelerator implements an automatic settlement that can be executed after the journal has been posted. It settles all the transactions matching the given filters and criteria.  It covers Accounts payable, Accounts receivable and Ledger modules.  Ledger settlement has been enhanced to allow partial settlement and track settlement/unsettlement date.
  • Bank Statement. Company accounting management needs to regularly check the synchronization between statements of account sent by the bank and the company accounts.  Bank statements received by the company (containing account balance, deposits and withdrawals, and closing balance) are integrated from various formats, into Dynamics 365.
  • Ledger Depreciation. Additional parameters come with this accelerator, Depreciation Type and Depreciation Rules. You can set your own depreciation percentage and track through additional documentation those items and their value in-stock.
  • Third Party Payment. Businesses who deal with a customer groups have various roles throughout the group within the sales cycle. This accelerator allows users to assign those roles in the group, e.g.: Who orders, where it is delivered, where to send the invoice and who pays the invoice.
  • Hedgewiz. A professional currency hedging AI platform, it offers financial managers a simple yet comprehensive solution for identifying and mitigating currency exposures. Our connector allows real data from your finance and project areas of Dynamics 365 to inform your hedging plans.

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