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Data Quality in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

ACS Informatik GmbH

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q.address provides data quality and address verification services and error tolerant address search

q.address is a proven and recognized high-performance solution for creating and maintaining address quality in Dynamics 365 CRM applications.

It includes services such as:

  • q.address Error Tolerant Search

    Addresses are often tedious and difficult to find. The reasons for why you can't find an address are numerous: you might have forgotten the correct name, remember only parts of it, a name or address is spelled differently than expected, parts of names are rearranged or acronyms and abbreviations are used... q.address searches error-tolerant, takes phonetic variations into account, and easily handles all common typos, abbreviations, name rearrangements, acronyms and many more cases.
  • q.address Address Check

    The AddressCheck module checks address and spelling for correctness, and whether the postal code, city and street in fact match with one another. Many errors are corrected automatically, yet, serious divergences, those that should not be corrected automatically, trigger a dialog with exactly that preselection that appears most likely – hence, you can take decisions most quickly.

    Supported countries: DACH, EU, world-wide (> 250 countries).

  • q.address Duplicate Check

    Once you enter a new object or update an existent object, a background check is triggered that checks if the same or a similar object exists already. If that is the case, again an efficient dialog with the most likely preselection will assist you to merge the objects – or to reject the prompt to merge objects.
  • User Interfaces

    Available User Interfaces: German, English, Russian.

Software made in Germany