Crowe EditAble CRM Grid

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Build advanced Dynamics 365 Sub-Grids with point-and-click configuration module and robust API

Crowe EditAble CRM Grid is an easy-to-use Dynamics 365 add-on that increases user productivity by allowing for fast, easy updates and gives users greater data visibility by structuring information more efficiently.

Simple point-and-click configuration

Basic Features

  • In-line editing
  • In-line record creation
  • In-line editing of customer fields
  • Advanced sorting
  • Advanced grouping
  • Nested grouping
  • Summary and group summary fields (totals and subtotals)
  • Quick record copy
  • Quick search
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Grid configuration export and import
  • Record display limit 10,000+

Advanced Features

  • JavaScript Events
  • JavaScript API Call Library
  • Dependent grids
  • Dynamic criteria
  • Dynamic filter panels
  • Custom columns (dynamic columns not mapped to an existing field)
  • Custom toolbar buttons
  • Conditional row and column styling
  • Interactions between multiple grids
  • Interactions between grids and custom web resources
  • Customization features
  • Integration with Business Rules software (PBR)
  • Support for third-party JavaScript libraries
  • Custom HTML page/web resource support

See the Crowe EditAble CRM Grid Trial Setup document for additional configuration steps and options once installed.

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