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Effectively measure data quality over time using defined rules on any table in Dataverse.

  • Build-your-own customisable data quality rules on any table in Dataverse
  • Visualise the quality of data through calculated scores derived from the rules including via related records
  • Data Quality scores recalculate in real time which enables users to instantly see the impact of any changes made to existing records and improves accuracy and completeness when creating new records
  • Displays next best action suggestions so users can quickly remediate data quality issues
  • Data Quality Monitoring over time -Effective measuring of how defined Data Quality metrics have changed over defined timescales
  • Roll up a score based on any relationship so you can see data in any way you want - for example accounts by business unit, or contacts by owner.
  • Reporting and Dashboards - Data persists and can be used across the Power Platform within integrations including PowerBI and PowerAutomate for workflow management, allowing for improved data quality observability
  • Works within any field, table, object or view - Allowing you to measure the completeness, accuracy, consistency, validity and uniqueness of your data across Dataverse
  • Integrate with all other Data8 Data Quality Services to deliver a unified approach to Data Quality.
  • Native to Dynamics -Simple user adoption, removing the need to switch to a second application. No data is sent externally maximising performance and maintains data security.

To experience all the benefits for yourself, we provide a free 1-month trial, with full support and no obligation.

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