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par HSO Innovation

Orchestrate winning tenders that can be managed and carried out with Flexible Workflows!

Every tender submission process requires managing multiple stakeholders, risks and projects, and the complexity of this process keeps growing. By using HSO Innovation's Dynamics Tender Management, you can seamlessly manage your bidding, procurement or tender processes with accurate reporting.

Compared to standard sales processes, tender management requires a different approach. From registering multiple or alternative proposals to a single opportunity or project, you are faced with the challenge of accurately reporting what’s in your pipeline or forecasting, as you do not want to double count all outstanding proposals.

You need to obtain an end-to-end, real-time insight into the overall process, including sub works or projects while improving cost control and allocating resources more effectively. With tender management, documents from various suppliers and partners need to be managed via email or by file-sharing platforms. Our integrated approach avoids having to switch from one system to another and save much time while providing accurate version control.


  • Easily manage multiple opportunities
  • Improved win ratio and increased project profitability
  • Lowered project risks
  • Simplified stakeholder management
  • Improved document control and compliance
  • Speeded up approval processes
  • Revision functionality for tenders

By using leads and opportunities within Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement to monitor the commercial tendering phase, corresponding business process flows and Stage-Gate processes can be made specific per Project Risk Category. Depending on the Project Risk Category, the right business process flow with mandatory fields can be triggered. In case a Project Category changes during the tender process, the corresponding business process will also change.

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