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Sales quote functionality to speed up sales admin and deliver optimal client and prospect experience

CPQ accelerator for Dynamics 365 Sales


Customer demand for personalization is a given in commercial processes. Sales teams need efficient tools in the quote process that takes into account a variety of discounting, product and customer possibilities.

The CPQ accelerator for Dynamics 365 Sales is a quote configuration engine to remove time consuming elements of searching products, matching discounts and copy/pasting into proposals. The workflows match sales best practice of preparing and issuing quotations in order to give your customers an efficient and accurate service.

Do you have a range of discounts available per product, range, customer and even salesperson? Does this slow down the quote process and result in errors?

Are your sales team’s productivity affected because of these complexities?

The CPQ accelerator for Dynamics 365 Sales boosts sales teams’ productivity and motivation with integrated tools that help configure sales proposals with discounts according to their role, write in products that do not appear in the catalog, set the language, create product relationships (for up and cross sell) and import/export products between the accelerator and excel.

Features of this app

The CPQ accelerator boosts standard features in Dynamics 365 Sales with additional functionalities:

  • Multi-language
  • Global quote view
  • Easy search
  • Easy opportunity update
  • Write-in products
  • Discount approval process
  • Import and export
  • Associated products view
  • Document generation
  • Editable price list

Benefits of this app

  • Improve quoting productivity: No more complex searches on product catalogs or Excel spreadsheets to provide customers with accurate quotes
  • Boost sales team performance: Cross-sell and upsell opportunities available on the spot
  • Increase efficiency: Less manual tasks such as quote and proposal generation for more time for higher-value tasks that generate revenue for your company
  • Reduce order and quoting errors: Advanced rules and validations that don’t allow orders that fall outside of your company’s capabilities and policies
  • Reduce training: Your sales reps can start selling the day they arrive

Next steps

If you would like to boost your sales proposal process in this way; please review the materials on this page and contact Prodware to find out more.

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