Prodware Meeting Notes for Customer Engagement

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Organize and structure your notes of all relevant client interactions in your Dynamics system.

Meeting Notes for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Improve user collaboration, boost momentum and client satisfaction from your meetings.

A simple to use accelerator for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 that makes it easier to move the sales process along without additional admin.

Do you have too many situations where several teams visit the same client without knowing about the other one? Has client information been lost leading to a frustrating customer experience? Do you need to maximize the time spent with your clients in meetings; do you need to quickly capture, share and act on the outcomes and decisions made in order to move on to the next action?

Meeting Notes addresses these everyday challenges and boosts standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales functionality, the app allows you to easily, store, share and collaborate with colleagues and clients.

Features and benefits of using this app

  • The Meeting Note is used to reflect the first interaction with the client within the commercial activity process
  • Talk to your phone to record the summary of your meeting. Users can speak to their mobile and the summary of the meeting will be recorded in the Meeting Note
  • Fully integrated with Outlook. Allows you to create a Meeting Note directly from an appointment
  • Accessible anywhere – use the Meeting Notes app whilst off-line so you can capture your actions on the road
  • Capture your Meeting Notes, then export, send via email to internal and external contacts. Meeting Notes can be found by colleagues in the Account form of the Client for self-service too
Speak to Prodware about refining your client contact processes with an out-the-box accelerator that immediately boosts information sharing and collaboration.

Next steps:

If you would like to boost your user experience in this way; please review the materials on this page and contact Prodware to find out more.

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