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Manage your M&A process from pitch to closed deal

Mergers & Acquisitions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Give your organization the right tools to manage ideas, qualify them to pitches and convert them to deals using a single automated business process.

Do new ideas discussed in sector calls go unrecorded and appear again and again? Do several teams visit the same client without knowing about the other one? Do you have to create special reports to understand conversion ratios and deal progress?

A centralized and specific application that enhances your future-proof Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution will help.

How? Your business can grow without administrative barriers, your teams can store and share information, your client and prospect data can be secure, and your colleagues to be up and running quickly whilst collaborating and becoming more productive. As an example, successful pitches are converted into deals triggering a guided process through the lifecycle of the deal; including the assignment preparation, customer contact, due diligence and finally the closure action. Whether the deal is a sell-side or buy-side the system allows management of a list of counterparts that are eligible to buy/ sell the target company. Bankers have a clear view of the state of advancement with each one of the counterparts including the ability to adapt the selection process according to the specific deal characteristics.

We created specific M&A built-in reports that surface trends of the pipe, conversion ratios of pitches, repartition of the account base, various financial statistics coming from deals in progress and signed deals.

Features and benefits of using this app

To run a successful M&A operation you need complete visibility into:
  • Account life cycle
  • Target lists segmented by sector
  • Ideas generated and captured
  • Meeting notes recorded and accessed
  • Pitches in progress
  • Race sheets for buy-side / sell-side
  • Deals in the pipe
  • Related documentation
Speak to Prodware about a banking relationship management application tailor-made for your M&A business with secure and professional tools.

Next steps:

To boost your Dynamics 365 Sales system in this way; please contact Prodware to find out more.

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