E-detailing Solution


Persistent E-detailing Solution is comprehensive & automated tool for healthcare e-detailing.

Persistent's cutting-edge E-detailing solution revolutionizes life sciences sales presentations to HCPs by seamlessly rendering diverse file types like pdf, doc, png, jpeg, and mp3. This platform allows for both online and offline display of documents and videos while enabling automatic content sharing via email to customers. Its intuitive organization feature categorizes content into personalized folders for swift access during multiple presentations.

The solution ensures secure and cost-effective storage by avoiding content replication and offering on-demand Azure storage, allowing scheduled cleaning for optimal content storage costs.

Remarkably, it provides valuable insights into content usage, detailing the specific content presented to which customer by which sales lead, facilitating actionable business decisions and automatic association of content with respective customers for future reference.

Moreover, its offline capability empowers sales leads to present promotional content to healthcare professionals even without internet connectivity, ensuring seamless content usage tracking regardless of connectivity status. Leveraging D365 Sales, Power Platform, and Azure Integration Services, this solution sets a new standard for modern healthcare e-detailing.

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