aec360 CRM by HSO ProServ

par HSO ProServ

Premier CRM solution pre-built specifically for Architects, Engineers and Contractors

AEC360 CRM solution is an application layer built on top of Dynamics 365 that provides a comprehensive set of business development, marketing, experience management, and relationship intelligence tools for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industries. The AEC360 systems and the associated best practices consulting provide the foundation AEC companies need to maintain a clear picture of clients, contacts, pursuits, projects and growth initiatives.

Enhancements: AEC360’s pre-configured and flexible layer can be quickly implemented and is easy to use via the familiar outlook user interface and mobile/tablet devices. AEC360 adds over 2,000 enhancements specifically for the AEC industry such as:

  • Centralized Contact Management & Relationship Intelligence
  • Company, Client & Account Management
  • Sync360 Data Harvesting & Synchronization Tools
  • New Leads & Pursuit Management
  • Client Strategy & Opportunity Tracking
  • Job Information Tracking
  • Employee Experience & Qualification Tracking
  • Document Assembly for Resumes, Cut Sheets, and Qualification Packages
  • Referral Management & Reporting
  • 100% Mobile Functionality for Employees On-the-Go
  • Including off-line functionality
  • User, Practice Group & Company-wide Dashboards

Sync360: AEC360 uses a unique integration and synchronization tool to harvest existing data from your company’s business systems and builds valuable relationships between all your data. This creates a single organized location for all your data making a CRM that works for you.

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