Connection Explorer

par Xrm Architects Limited

Visualise relationships between entities quickly and easily

Understand company ownership structures with ease

Ownership structures are often complex and contain many layers of connections between companies and individuals. This means it can be difficult to visualise the whole structure or find details of a particular entity that’s nestled deep down within the structure.

Connection Explorer makes it easy to view these relationships, saving you valuable time.

Why use Connection Explorer?

Connection Explorer makes visualising relationships between entities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 fast and intuitive. Use it to:

  • Easily identify connections between records
  • Visualise Connections as a structure chart
  • Quickly navigate between records
  • Easily access any record details within a tree
Use case example: Improve your compliance reporting

Compliance teams are required to maintain connections between records and efficiently report on these connections to comply with evolving industry standards, laws and regulations.

With Connection Explorer, you can take the connections between records and pull them into a clean, easy-to-read tree for more efficient and streamlined ways of working.

Why work with us?

We specialise in providing RegTech solutions to financial services companies that seamlessly integrate within their Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms for more efficient, cost-effective results.

Connection Explorer is just one of a number of industry-leading regulatory compliance technologies we work with. Get in touch to discuss your compliance requirements with us.

Other services we provide: ID verification and data security identification.

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