SpiraPlan Import/Export Tool


3.0 (2)

Get or Send data in your Spira application directly to/from Excel

This Office and SharePoint Addin requires a working version of Inflectra's SpiraTest®, SpiraTeam®, and SpiraPlan®. This Office and SharePoint Addin can connect to cloud or on-premise versions of Spira and makes it easy to get data from your Spira application or ceate new records in Spira. You can use it with a range of different artifacts, including requirements and test cases (with test steps). It will automatically create a template specific to the product you choose, with guides to help you enter the right information fast. Once your data is ready, you can send it quickly to SpiraTest®, SpiraTeam®, or SpiraPlan®.

Fonctionnalités du complément
Lorsque ce complément est utilisé, il
  • Peut lire votre document et y apporter des modifications
  • Peut envoyer des données via Internet
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