par Tony Xia

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A smart bot for lucky draw activities in channels

People can use this bot to create lucky draw activities with prize name, the number of prizes, draw time and prize image. All users in the channel can join the activity by simple one-click. The Lucky-Draw bot randomly picks the winners when the number of joined users is bigger than the number of prizes. It posts an announcement message listing all the winners in the channel immediately after the activity is closed. Everyone in the channel can see all the people joined the draw. Multiple lucky-draw activities can be run simultaneously.

The Lucky-draw bot is well designed and developed to address couple pain points in teamwork, collaboration and productivity. It leverages gamification to motivate your team members, to improve performance of your team, and to increase competition of your organization and your company.

You or your colleagues can use Lucky-draw bot to:


  • Thank the teammates who assisted you, supported you, or helped you


  • Create a work environment that encourages employee engagement, let team members love communication and participation


  • Gamification for the team collaboration, make people enjoy working in your team


  • Boost your team culture, celebrate special moments, increase employee satisfaction


  • Award the team players and top performers, encourage teamwork, and lift productivity

Fonctionnalités du complément

Lorsque ce complément est utilisé, il
  • Peut envoyer des données via Internet
  • Ce complément peut accéder aux informations personnelles contenues dans le message actif (numéros de téléphone, adresses postales ou URL). Le complément peut transmettre ces données à un service tiers. Les autres éléments dans votre boîte aux lettres ne peuvent pas être lus ou modifiés.

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