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Run live Polls, Q&A, Quizzes and Surveys from your Teams channel

Award winning and adopted by 1000’s of global corporations and universities, Vevox has established itself as a much-loved, real-time audience engagement app. ​Continuously developing to ensure it’s the sharpest tool for audience engagement, we are driven by the principles of extreme simplicity of use, unwavering quality, and the belief that everyone deserves to be heard, every question counts, and ultimately... meetings and classes should be unmissable​.

Vevox increases engagement and participation in meetings and classes through interaction, by helping students or colleagues to suggest ideas, make democratic decisions and have fun whilst learning. With the benefit of anonymity, people feel empowered to participate.

This Teams integration allows you to;

* Run live polls to help make decisions or uncover opinions

* Make everyone part of the conversation & gain useful feedback through moderated Q&A

* Host a fun quiz to check understanding

* Set self-paced surveys to explore topics more in-depth

Whether you’re running Remote meetings, All-Hands Meetings, online or hybrid Classes or Lectures, Vevox is simple and secure and offers a safe space for people to speak up. Commonly used in Pharma, Insurance, Construction and Finance industries, as well as Universities worldwide.

There are countless ways you can use Vevox in your online meetings or classes. Here’s some inspiration for you:

Why not try an icebreaker activity to warm up your participants and start your session with poll? With multiple poll types to choose from, you have the freedom to get creative.

Employees and students alike feel valued when their opinions are heard, so ask for their contributions on a subject of your choice via the Q&A feature. By asking participants to use up vote feature, you can quickly and easily understand which opinions are most popular.

There’s nothing like a quiz to focus the mind! Consider adding a quiz to your session to keep everyone’s attention; The best bit is that quizzing with Vevox is fear-free as it can be anonymous, so the only competition is yourself.

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