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Fuel better meetings, standups and teamwork with Check-ins that keep teams connected and in-sync.

Staying connected as a team and knowing how work is progressing is one of the biggest challenges teams face, especially remote teams. That’s where Range comes in.

Central to the experience are enhanced status updates called Check-ins. Check-ins really come to life in Microsoft Team meetings.

Every day, you create a Check-in, and then share it with the team. It takes just 5 minutes and covers what you plan to do, and the progress you made yesterday. And what’s really unique is you can also share how you’re feeling and answer a team question. This helps your team build trust and strengthen connections every day.

Here’s how it works:

Share a Check-in — Range sends a reminder to your Outlook each morning to help you build a simple habit of planning your day, reflecting on your work, and sharing that with your team as a Check-in.

Stay in sync — As teammates Check-in, you’ll see what they’re working on, right in Microsoft Teams. Just add the Range tab to your team, and you’ll always know what everyone’s working on and the progress they’ve made.

Better meetings — Range helps your video calls go more smoothly. Just add Range to your meetings, and you’ll see a sidebar during your call with Check-ins from your team. Rather than long-winded status updates, everyone can get the gist from reading Check-ins and then dive into more meaningful conversations about the work.

Feel connected — We’ve woven in team building features throughout Range to help your team feel connected while working from home (and to make work just a little more fun). Share how you’re feeling, get to know your teammates with questions (more than 350), or send an emoji thank you to a coworker.

Coming soon — Publish Check-ins right from MS Teams and easily share and see what your team is working on, the progress they’ve made, and how they’re feeling.

Foster meaningful teamwork

Check-ins make meetings more productive and inclusive in Microsoft Teams, and help your team stay more engaged, connected, and in sync every day.

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