Apptimized Factory


The industry’s only fully cloud-based application packaging service

The industry’s only fully cloud-based application packaging service.

We package applications for all formats, against any platform, without you needing to invest a penny in hardware, software or expensive resource.
Built on over 15 years delivering specialist packaging services to hundreds of customers of all sizes across all sectors.

The Apptimized Packaging Factory is the only packaging service built on the secure and scalable Microsoft Azure platform.

It’s fully configurable and can be up and running, delivering you customised application packages within hours.

We don’t charge for standing the service up, just for the applications you order on a fixed cost per application basis, either regardless of complexity or complexity-based (easy/medium/complex).

The service can also be white-labelled for service providers and partners.
  • Supports all major formats - MSI, App-V, MSIX, ThinApp, CloudHouse, CloudPaging, PKG (Mac OS) - and all platforms including all Windows platforms (7-10, Servers), Citrix, and Mac
  • Already being used by some of the world’s largest organizations