Assura - Health & Safety

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Assura Health & Safety - go beyond just compliance.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your employees. Your organisation depends on your people, and they depend on you.

With intuitive workflow centred design and flexible mobile capabilities, Assura Health & Safety is accessible to all and ensures everyone can participate in safety processes. Its automated, efficient processes take the effort out of identifying, managing and reporting events and risk, assigns responsibility to where it should be and lets you focus on keeping your people safe.

With Assura Health and Safety you can:

  •  Go beyond the expected. We believe that safety is about leadership – not legislation. Smart entities naturally comply with regulations for the good of their people, rather than to tick a box. Assura helps you not only comply with legislation and regulations, but achieve this goal by making it simple for people to identify and report issues and resolve them together.
  •  Keep everyone safe and happy. When intuitive safety practices become part of your culture, a safe and healthy workplace is created. Assura provides a forward thinking approach to health and safety, tackling under-reporting and motivating staff to watch out for and support each other.
  •  Increase your productivity. By providing decentralised, workflow based processes, inefficiencies are removed, allowing more time to be spent on core business – or issue resolution. Ultimately, Assura assists your business create significant savings in time and money.
  •  Improve the process. Assura places responsibility where it belongs, from the reporting of problems to their assessment and closure. Better informed managers can see issues at a glance, and receive prompts from Assura to work together with staff to take decisive action

Assura Health & Safety is built on the Assura Platform. We’re the system that looks after the everyday jobs, tasks and actions that make your business run. Turning those often timely manual processes, into fast automated ones – making life simpler.


We’ve built the “Lego” building blocks and we work with you to put it together to provide efficient solutions that reflect how you work best.

Assura’s one platform approach to managing multiple business processes, unifying data and streamlining workflow provides a consistent user experience. Best of all, it can be easily adapted, by you in real time to make changes and evolve as your business does - all the benefits of a bespoke approach at the cost of an off-the-shelf solution.

Making people’s jobs easier is why we come to work each day.