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Atomian Discover


Would you like a self-service BI tool to make quick decisions based on fresh data?

For a real-time detailed understanding of your business, you simply have to install Atomian Discover. It’s is a Self-Service Business Intelligence tool based on Artificial Intelligence that provides instant access in natural language to all of the knowledge in an organization.
Atomian transforms all the data stored in companies IT systems and documents to create a knowledge cognitive database.
Companies obtain a drastic time and cost reductions for information access and a substantial increase in business data flows.
Atomian Discover allows users to design their own dashboard in minutes, just typing queries in the search bar. It is easy and intuitive and IT support it’s not needed at any time, users just type queries and save the answer, which is obtained in seconds. Responses are conclusive and not based on probabilities so it allows users to make quick decisions based on real data.
With Atomian Discover management team can:
• Provide the team with the high-quality information required to make efficient decisions and enhance all of the business areas in a company.
• Combine data analysis with data exploitation, at the same time, with fast queries and informed results.
• Design a dashboard in minutes and create new KPI's, alerts and forms at any time.
• Share results obtained or build dashboards to make reports from the dashboard.
Process installation is fast, and there’s no need of long analysis processes to determine how dashboards should look like, users have the power to build their own dashboards from the first minute.
To learn more at or contact us at www.atomian/contact