Bingli, making consultations great again


Bingli is an AI chatbot that interviews patients ahead of the doctor visit.

Bingli is an innovative software (AI chatbot) to connect patients and doctors. Bingli offers solutions and processes throughout the whole patient-doctor interaction that are built around a self-learning/AI-driven, smart medical interview (digital anamnestic service).

Bingli’s interview is based on medical decision-making techniques and differential diagnostic reasoning. This will allow patients to be prepared and doctors to be informed at the consultation offering substantial benefits over the existing, single-minded propositions. On top of this benefit we can also offer decision support services for doctors.

Specifically, patient-generated data are collected, smart questions are asked and all information is interpreted and send to the doctor of choice, before the consultation. This results in a substantial time and efficiency gain (more efficient consultation, improved ROI), increased patient involvement, better diagnosis and better health outcomes.

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