Purchase Order Manager

CPU d.o.o

P.O. Manager is a Procurement Process Management System based on Office 365

P.O. Manager is a Procurement Process Management System based on Office 365 with the goal to automate the key procurement functions in an organization. Automated activities include submitting and approving procurement requests, selecting and ordering products or services, categorizing spending by multi-level budget categories, controlling budget overruns, generating purchase order (PO) numbers, matching invoices from vendors with generated PO numbers to close the procurement process. In addition, procurement departments can take advantage of document libraries and additional electronic forms associated with each procurement request for their use in the process, such as getting approvals on bidders lists, signing NDA or conflict of interest statements, version tracking for technical specifications, contracts, or other relevant information required to complete procurement process. Together, the system allows organizations to automate critical steps from initiation to completion of a procurement process. The key benefit for organizations using our procurement process management solution includes ease of administration and potential long-term cost savings. Having a single interface for procurement-related management information cuts down the time and effort required to monitor organizational spending.