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Kollective ECDN for Microsoft 365


Kollective ECDN scales the delivery of enterprise video for Microsoft Teams, Stream and Yammer.

Kollective is an Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) built on Azure that enables organizations to broadcast enterprise video to their dispersed workforce, on Microsoft Teams Live Event, Stream and Yammer without the need to deploy hardware or upgrade networks.

Kollective is most beneficial to organizations with more than 5,000 employees with over ten locations who want to leverage broadcast video to improve employee communication, boost overall engagement, and increase training and retention opportunities.

Kollective IQ is our sophisticated, analytics platform for Microsoft 365. With customizable reporting, visualizations and dashboards, it is easy to quantify and digest both user experience and engagement across complex global enterprise networks. Communication Managers and Network Administrators can monitor real-time events and network activity, so bottlenecks can be addressed quickly, insuring peak network performance.

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