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Speaker Engagement Platform

Meylah Corporation

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Speaker Engagement Platform for Event Organizers

Calling all B2B Event Organizers! Did you know, according to Statistica reports in 2016 B2B events generated $30.3 Billion in revenue and created over 5.3 million jobs. To create an economic impact, event experience must be stellar and engaging for the audience. Every successful event is dependent on speaker content and experience. Speakers inspire and empower your audience. They help your audience to create and collaborate on opportunities within the event experience. Speakers expect high-quality communications, brand amplification and 1:1 assistance to get ready for effective delivery. On average, the event organizers spend 8 to 10 hours per speaker to ensure they are engaged throughout the event. Today, the speaker engagement is manual, tedious and exhausting as it is done via excel, email, and web forms. It can be very challenging to keep up and communicate well with speakers through the event journey and beyond. Most communication happens via various channels and this can be very time consuming and overwhelming for event managers and speakers. Meylah’ s Speaker Engagement Platform gives event producers the power to solve the challenges of communication between speakers and event organizers, inspire speakers to be influencers for the event, thus increasing the ticket sales, event satisfaction, and speaker satisfaction. Our platform allows event organizers to:
  • Access speaker influence scores and profile at a glance to manage the approval process
  • Dashboard to manage speaker engagement and experience across multiple events
  • Communication engine with ready to go templates to manage 1:1 and/or bulk communications
  • Enable social media buzz engine for the audience to engage with your speakers
  • Track speaker activities throughout the event and beyond
  • Share AI-powered recommendation to help with selections, networking, and communications to save time and resources
  • Streamlined collection of speaker profiles via web forms
  • Powered by Azure services
If you are looking for a solution to save time and resources while delighting your speakers and audience, then Speaker Engagement Platform is the right solution. To learn more, please contact us for a 30-minute demo and explore options to delight your speakers and event attendees. Together, let's increase your event satisfaction, delight your speakers and creating economic opportunities for your attendees.