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Mindfull Ltd

An out of the box complete solution for financial planning, forecasting and budgeting.

Powered by IBM's Planning Analytics software, MiBI is an integrated financial planning and reporting solution which provides a holistic view of your organization. Where spreadsheets can no longer handle the growing complexity in your organization, MiBI has been developed with flexibility in mind and handles the job for companies in any industry. Simply connect your data to our pre-built models and you can be planning your budgets or forecasts within a matter of hours on the cloud.

Utilize the ability to plan at detailed account levels or upload your personnel, sales and capital expenditure data to create a complete financial picture. Develop your Profit and Loss statements and automatically derive your Balance Sheet and Cash Flow which are readily available to burst out to the stakeholders in a timely manner. Or perhaps navigate to the customizable Metrics Dashboard to see a simple overview of trends to track performance.

MiBI services instant consolidation, drill down and commentary features which has made financial planning and collaboration easier than ever. Be proactive, with MiBI.