Social Intranet Analytics -for SharePoint and others

Mindlab Solutions

Optimize your Social Intranet - based on SharePoint, Confluence, Connections, Coyo ... and together

This application is available only in German and English.

As an intranet manager in internal communication, with Netmind Core, you have an analytics solution that gives you a detailed overview of the use, acceptance, multilocation collaboration and interactions on your social intranet.

With thematically matching reports and an almost unlimited range of drill-down options in increasingly greater depth, you get an impression of how users are using your intranet. Using the results of your Netmind Core analyses, you can optimise the benefits and usability of your intranet. You can also enable and encourage communication and collaboration on your social intranet – and thus increase the satisfaction of your users.

Netmind Core can be integrated into various platforms, such as SharePoint, COYO, HCL Connections and Confluence.

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