Escrow as a Service

par NCC Group plc

Embrace the cloud with confidence with EaaS from NCC Group. Business continuity made simple.

What is software escrow?

Software Escrow is an agreement between three parties that ensures the availability of business-critical software for the end user whilst protecting the ownership and intellectual property rights of the software supplier. The agreement is designed to mitigate risk and protect all parties involved.

Our solutions offer protection by safely depositing copies of the application or data information in our secure vaults. Our legal agreements enable us to provide access to these materials and give customers the right to use, restore or recreate an application, data or service in the event of a mutually-agreed release event.

What is Escrow as a Service (EaaS)?

Escrow as a Service offers all the reassurances of a class-leading escrow service but is purpose-built for ease of use in a cloud-driven world. Providing guaranteed access to critical data and applications as and when it is needed. 

For software licensees

It helps you take control of third-party software risk and ensures your business critical SaaS applications are safe, secure and always available. Our EaaS solution removes any concerns you may have about investing in new cloud software, enabling you to quickly and easily get access to the most innovative technology on the market.

For software vendors

Escrow as a Service makes business continuity simple. It helps you to get ahead of the operational risk conversation and ensures your customers feel confident that their business-critical SaaS applications are safe, secure and always available. Enabling you to provide a comprehensive level of protection that builds trust and confidence in your customer relationships. Partner with NCC Group to strengthen your software offering with an extra layer of resilience and risk mitigation - learn more about the NCC Group Partner Network.

EaaS features

  • The contractual agreement secured by an independent third party (NCC Group)
  • Protection of cloud software source code, environment and data
  • Deposit stored in line with GDPR and protection regulations
  • NCC Group's cloud environment is monitored 24/7 by our world-class SOC
  • Verification testing options for added assurance
  • Flexible agreement options
  • Ability to embed source code securely in our Virtual Vaults environment

EaaS benefits

  • Demonstrates a proactive approach to risk mitigation
  • Demonstrates good corporate governance
  • Protects the Independent Software Vendor's IP
  • Provides time to transition to alternative arrangements
  • Provides access to application environment information
  • Provides access to customer-specific data
  • Safeguards brand and reputation with robust continuity strategy

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