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Any Cloud, Any Data Center, You're in control!

Make data backup and recovery simple with BackupSimple

In short, BackupSimple is an easy to use, comprehensive enterprise level data backup & recovery solution designed to ensure you retain full control and ownership of your data, no matter how complex your data landscape becomes.


  • You’re in control. Retain both control and the ownership of your data
  • A simple single web-based portal that allows you to administer your data backups across both on-premises and cloud environments
  • SoftwareONE handles all the complexities by managing the service, running the infrastructure and upgrading the agents
  • 24/7 365 support across the entire backup landscape
  • Flexible. Any cloud. Any data center
  • Only pay for the workloads that you backup on a monthly basis


BackupSimple provides SoftwareONE customers access to a fully hosted, enterprise class backup management infrastructure. From a single web-portal, customers can administer backup & recovery across their entire data landscape.


Security is paramount to BackupSimple. All data is encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption. All connectivity is initiated out-bound-only from your data-hosts. At no point do you need to share any authentication credentials for your own environment. All software is deployed by you using your preferred deployment methodology supported by the SoftwareONE team.


Thanks to BackupSimple’s unique architecture, SoftwareONE does not host any customer data. Your data is sent directly to your own Azure cloud storage. BackupSimple centralizes your data landscape on Azure’s highly resilient, hyper-scaled repository for both short and long-term storage. Using Azure’s global structure, your data store(s) are configured to meet your compliance requirements, ensuring data is stored within the regions it was created and hosted in.

Cost Efficient

BackupSimple’s cost structure is incredibly straightforward and transparent. A single on-boarding fee and then ongoing licensing on a per server/user basis with a minimum spend per month. Storage costs are charged directly through your Azure agreement. If you don’t have Azure already, SoftwareONE will bundle a pay-as-you-consume Azure subscription through our AzureSimple program, providing a fully supported way to consume and track your Azure spend.