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DMX-H from Syncsort simplifies the migration of data from legacy sources to the Azure Cloud

Syncsort’s DMX-H offers a single software environment for accessing and integrating all of your enterprise data sources – both batch and streaming, while managing, governing and securing the entire process.

We specialize in migrating data from mainframes including IBM iSeries servers, VSAM log files and legacy databases including DB/2, Oracle and Netezza to Azure Cloud targets. We also offer change data capture (CDC) to update Cloud data lakes in real time. DMX-H influences increased consumption of Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL DW, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS), Azure Databricks and HD Insight.

If you are evaluating your Cloud transformation strategy and considering Azure as your preferred Cloud platform, DMX-H is an essential component for data integration. If you are looking to power analytics and machine learning and need to ingest the data into an Azure service consider Syncsort.